Main Types of Slot Machines

There are different types of slot machines on the market today ranging from video slots to touch screens. Choosing the right machine is very important for a player. Players should choose machines that they can afford. Furthermore, you should choose a machine which makes you feel comfortable and good when playing. It should be as entertaining as possible. Technology mainly drives the development of these games. Most of the modern machines are fun very intuitive. These devices come with explanations for different games. Players can also get a full explanation of different games online. Many sites have been established to offer the much-needed assistance to players.

Categories of Slot Machines

These machines are categorized into two groups, making it easier for gamblers. These include:



This is one of the common and easiest ways of classifying slot machines. Their denominations should always be considered. Some of these games can only be played with dollars, while other accept pennies. The advanced ones are known for giving players several options. The following are the common denomination for slot machines


Pennies-This is the lowest currency’s denomination
Nickels– This is considered as the most expensive way of earning a decent award.
Quarters– It is relatively expensive than nickels, but it has a higher payout
High Limit-With these games, players are given a chance of playing for high stakes.
Dollars– You can use dollars to test your luck in some games.

Number of Reels

Reels are the spinning symbols which are placed on the front of different slot machines. Initially, they consisted of large hoops of metals that spun inside the slots. The traditional slot machines had three reels which were spun by pulling the lever mechanically. With modern machines, reels are shown on video screens. The current machines come with five reels. An electronic mechanism is used to power the spin. Each real has about 24 stops.

The additional reels have increased the possibility of having large jackpots. However, it is hard to  win a game that has many reels.

7-ReelThe following are the main versions of slot reels
7 Reel
-They are ideal for players who want to win big bonuses
6 Reel– This is an alternative variant for the standard games. Players can win big jackpots
5 Reel– These are the most popular games. They have great bonuses and different themes.
3 Reel-These are the classic slots. They are perfect for players who have a traditional taste.…