As a new non-profit organization, Mo`olelo must rely solely on donations from the community in order to create and produce quality plays that engage the hearts and minds of our patrons. We are actively seeking donations both large and small to help produce our inaugural season. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you are interested in contributing to our mission, there are several ways in which you can help:

Founders Circle

Mo`olelo is seeking a select group of individuals and companies to help fulfill its mission to Create, Produce and Educate by joining the company’s Founders Circle. The Founders Circle was created to provide financial aid through a one-time, $5,000 donation to assist the company in its first year of production. As a member of Mo`olelo’s Founders Circle, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that your contribution is going towards a creating positive change in the world, not only through the audiences we reach but also through the actors and students that we support. In recognition of your generous gift, you’ll receive the following benefits throughout the life of Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company:

• Your name or organization listed on Mo`olelo’s playbills.
• Your name or organization listed on Mo`olelo’s web site.
• Your name or organization mentioned in a Founders Circle press release.
• Guarantee of at least 2 VIP tickets to every Mo`olelo performance.
• Access to Mo`olelo VIP performance receptions and fundraising events.

Individual donations

Every little bit helps! We accept donations of any size either by check or credit card. To donate by check, send a check to Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company, PO Box 710564, San Diego, CA 92171-0564. To donate by credit card, click here: Where does the money go? (link to page with the following information)
To give you an idea of how helpful any donation is, here is a list of some of our expenses:

With $15 we can rent rehearsal space for one hour…

$50 pays our actors a stipend for an invitation-only reading…

$100 will subsidize our press kits

With $283 we can pay an actor for a week under the AEA special appearance contract, plus contribute to the actor’s health and pension…

With $324 we can pay our Stage Manager for a week under the AEA Special Appearance Contract, plus contribute to her health and pension…

$500 pays a small stipend to a designer…

$1000 can subsidize the costs of building the set…

$2000 pays a stipend to a director…

$5000 co-sponsors a show…

$15,000 Executive Sponsorship of a show

We are deeply grateful to the following people that have already given generously to Mo`olelo:

Nancy Wexler
Susie Shippey
Jan Hirsch
Vikas Prasad
Carol & Saleem Ahmed
Spirals Gallery of La Jolla
Bill & Sue Nakahara
Flo Cronican
Richard Collins
Elaine Skinner
Golden Acorn Casino
Aisha & Dan Talley
Charles Chamblee
Dani & Robert Howard
Patty Murray & Jeffrey Campbell
Deepal Sane
Kelsey Clark
Robert Hopper
Cynthia Hansen

In addition, we would not be where we are today without the generous contribution of our San Diego Performing Arts League Business for Arts and Attorneys for Arts Volunteers:

Courtney Mayer
Jamie Wong
Lindsay Reese
Dan Cross
Pam Bothello

Donations to Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company can be mailed to:

Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company
PO Box 710564
San Diego, CA 92171-0564

Or you may make a donation using your credit card by clicking here: